Hi, my name is Ashley Nicole, I am the owner of Irenic Beauty. Irenic Beauty is a full body waxing studio. As a woman with PCOS and Endometriosis I am determined to help other people with any unwanted hair growth. My journey in the beauty industry has always been fueled by my love of helping people and making sure they feel their best. I've been exclusively waxing since I was 19. I have dedicated my life to help others feel confident in their own skin. We are an inclusive company and welcome everyone. 


Hi, my name is Kat! I am an esthetician working under and trained by Ashley! My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and at home with every service! I specialize in Brazilians and Brows (brows are the first thing people see nowadays) and helping everyone feel and look the best they can be!

Inside Irenic Beauty 

  • Kat and Ashley met at a previous job they worked together and instantly clicked! 

  • Kat is the most selfless person on this planet! 

  • Ashley holds an esthetics license in New York state and Florida state.

  • Ashley is originally from upstate New York and Kat is from North Carolina. 

  • Irenic Beauty pronounced [EYE] + [REE] + [NIK] means peaceful. Ashley created this name 3 years ago while working at a car dealership (waxing on the side)!