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How do I prepare for my upcoming wax? 

How long is too long?  

  • Take a warm shower/bath at least 2 hours before the appointment. This helps the skin to soften up and the pores to open 

  • Wear loose clothing, no lace panties!

  • If extremely sensitive take an ibuprofen at least 30 mins prior to wax appointment. 

  • Avoid alcohol/caffeine/smoking at least 2-3 hours before the appointment. This can cause the skin to be more sensitive by in-taking alcohol/caffeine/smoking too close to your appointment. 

  • Hydrate with lots of water. Waxing over dehydrated skin can cause sensitivity or waxing over dry skin which can cause discomfort.

  • Pregnancy and being on your menstrual cycle just make you more sensitive but do no effect being able to get waxed. 

What should I do after my Brazilian Wax appointment?

  • Make sure you schedule your wax appointment on a day that you are not busy afterwards. In order to prevent any possible irritation, you do not want to do anything that will cause you to sweat excessively.

  •  Wait at least 24-48 hours before you workout, sit in a sauna or go to the beach/pool. 

  • Make sure to wear loose clothing only as stated above for the remainder of the day.  

  • Follow your after-care instructions. Each client may have different after care steps depending on your hair and skin type. 

It is recommended that hair be 1/4 of an inch or longer. I always say the longer the better. When coming from shaving hair is all different lengths due to different pressures when shaving. Waxing over time creates a uniform length resulting in completely smooth skin for weeks. For most people it takes about two weeks to be grown out enough to get a good wax. 

Waxing Contraindications

  • Waxing can NOT be done on clients that are currently taking Accutane Adapalene, Differin,Isotretinoin, Tazarac or anything similar to Accutane. You must be off of these medications at least for 1 year prior to waxing.

  •  The following medications should be discontinued at least 3 months prior to waxing; Alustra,  Avita,  Azelex, Clindamycin, Doxycycline, Erythromycin, Madifloxicine, Metronidazole, Prednisone, Renova (Retin A), Retin A, Tazarotene, Tetracycline, Tretinoin or anything similar. 

  • It is very important that you consult with your medical provider who prescribed you any type of medication prior to waxing. 

  • If you are sunburned, wait at least 7 days before your wax appointment. If you tan in a sun tan booth, wait at least 48 hours.

  • Facial Waxing: If you have received any type of chemical peels or an  exfoliation treatment,  wait at least 7 days before your wax appointment. 

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