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Irenic Waxing & Co is a Hypoallergenic Full Body Waxing Studio located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Ashley, the Founder & CEO specializes in boosting the confidence of others through hair removal & professional makeup.

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Discover your beauty within



We offer a full range of facial and body waxing services for every body. From brows and lip waxing to your bikini line and legs, our expert estheticians use the latest techniques and products to make sure your waxing experience is as smooth and painless as possible.

Facial Waxing

We offer a variety of facial waxing services, such as brow shaping, upper lip & chin, nose waxing, sideburns & more!

Body Waxing

We specialize in Brazilian waxing, bikini, underarms, arm & leg waxing, back waxing & more!


Interested in getting a few areas waxed? Try our waxing combos - such as chin + upper lip, brows + upper lip & more!

At Irenic Waxing & Co. we use the best practices for hygiene and sanitation, and our professionals are experts at their craft. Besides smooth skin, there are many benefits to waxing over other temporary hair removal options, such as shaving, hair removal creams, and electrolysis.


Waxing lasts longer and feels smoother than shaving since the hair is removed at the root. Because it’s an exfoliation process, we remove dead skin cells from the area — which is crucial for healthy skin. Plus, hair often grows back slower and finer! 

We use quality products for the best results. Our estheticians choose 




I go here for wax services and am NEVER disappointed. Ashley is super professional and always makes me feel comfortable. She recommends useful products and advice. She is very talented and personable. She is always on time and prices are reasonable with several opportunities for discounts and deals. I primarily see Ashley but heard great reviews about other estheticians at this facility, including Kat. Highly recommend!


I've been seeing Ashley for over two years now and even followed her here to Irenic Beauty. I get the Brazilian wax and it's pretty painless which is a testament to her for sure. I would 1000% recommend her for any of your waxing needs. I have always had a great experience and she makes me feel comfortable during the session. I seriously can't say enough good things!


I have been using Ashley for a couple of years and she is great! I will follow her wherever she goes! The new place is very nice, clean and comfortable. Ashley is very good at what she does; professional, timely, understanding and personable. I highly recommend her!

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